It's hard to understand what you really are getting yourself into when you make the leap to trust someone. So let me step back and let my past clients explain about their experiences with Rebel Boudoir Studios.



Alexa said,

I just did my session with Tiffany and her hair and make up team today. I was a little nervous, as expected, but they are all seriously wonderful. Tiffany takes the most beautiful and flattering shots and she will make you feel so comfortable as she guides you through the entire shoot. If you're even considering booking, trust me, DO IT!



Elisa said

Tiffany was great to work with and made me feel through the whole process! She was great during the shoot, giving me good direction. She was a huge help in picking out products...I loved all the pictures and had a difficult time picking out favorites. She's awesome!


Victoria said

Tiffany was amazing!!! I decided to get boudoir photos before my husband deployed and Tiffany was great about getting me in quickly! I was super nervous going in but that quickly went away! She made me feel so comfortable! And I had so much fun during the photo shoot! She is extremely helpful and helps you pick out the outfits that will photograph best, does an amazing job posing you, and even helps you pick out your photos if you need help! Will definitely be going back to Tiffany for my next boudoir shoot!


Megan said,

If I say Tiffany is amazing it is not nearly doing her ENOUGH JUSTICE. Tiffany made me feel comfortable, at ease, and let me be my weird quirky self which made me look and feel beautiful and sexy. I'm still in awe of the experience and can't wait until my next one!!! If you're looking for a true artist and one with not just a good eye but a good heart, you got one heck of a photographer and then some in Tiffany!!!!!


Our clients give up permission to share their images, but not all clients allow us to. Here are some reviews from clients who have choose to remain private! 

Tiffany is incredible! I felt more comfortable with her than I expected. I was super nervous but her and her hair and makeup team eased all of that. Highly recommend! Can't wait to see my reveals.
I signed up for Tiffany's birthday special back in April (I believe) and we set a date shortly there after. Talk of inclement weather didn't permit us to shoot and she was very flexible! We rescheduled and as the time approached I came to realize I hadn't done anything I had planned to do to prepare myself. Squats, running, dieting to look my absolute best. In fact I had actually gained a few pounds. I was so incredibly self conscious that the night before I was actually having a panic attack and wondering if I should really be doing this. The next morning as I arrived at the studio Tiffany and her hair and make up ladies were there to greet me with smiles on ready to start the day, and I'm convinced, to pamper me. While I sat and got my hair and make up done we had great conversation to calm my nerves and i got to know everyone better, which believe it or not is helpful when you're about to prance around in your underwear. They really helped get rid of my nerves. Once hair and make up were done it was just me and Tiffany and we proceeded to make our way to the room we were using. Once again I felt my nerves start to build up and make me tense but Tiffany just has a way about her that can make you laugh and can distract you from whatever thoughts of insecurity are creeping into your mind. I left that day feeling confident, pampered and gorgeous, something I struggle with sometimes. Fast forward to today. My reveal. We started the video and my jaw dropped and the first words out of my mouth were "hot damn". Haha. I don't think I've ever said that about myself. I mean. We all occasionally take good pictures on our phones where we look at them and think oh, I look nice. But no, these were "I didn't think I would ever look like that! I'm a beast!" Continuing on after the video, my husband and I saw the gallery. I told him that there's still some insecurities I have and that they're still there in the pictures but I'm getting a glimpse of how other people see me and I'm ok with how I look if this is how they see me. Because I'm beautiful. He then replied, and I'm tearing up again as I'm writing this, "babe, you're finally catching the slightest glimpse of how I see you. You're not beautiful, you're gorgeous and these pictures are amazing. I wish you could fully comprehend that" and I lost it. Thank you Tiffany for giving me a new perspective into how others see me and thank you for helping me see the best in myself. All this to say, and I'm sorry this is super long, Tiffany is a great photographer and you should really consider booking her for your boudoir shoot!
Tiffany was so great to work with! She made me feel comfortable and captured sexy images that still captured my personality and looked like me! She makes you feel so relaxed and at ease, and totally takes care of all the posing, and facial expressions taking all of that pressure off you. She is also an EXPERT at making your booty look AMAZING.