About Tiffany


It all started when...

I didn't want to fish on our family camping trips. My dad would always say that I didn't like fishing because when I caught a fish he made me get it off the hook myself and I hated it! Though truly to me being still, quiet, and calm for long periods of time seemed less fun then grabbing my dads camera and simply taking pictures of everything. I was 10, maybe 11 years old, and art remained a big part of my life from there on. 

While I spent most of my high school years wanting to become a manga artist (Japanese comic books!!) I definitely sucked at it! My right brain would always be challenged by the left counterpart, leaving me struggling to find peace with my work. It wasn't until my senior year when I really thought, why don't I try putting my creative side and my technical side together, and try this whole photography "thing"? From the start of 2010 I began the process of becoming an artist through a camera instead of a pencil. 

Best. Decision. Ever


The craziest thing I have ever done was become a mom

Giving life to and raising my boys has been nothing short of a rollar coaster ride every single day. Could you believe I wanted girls!?


Marry your best friend...

Seriously! Take my advice and marry the one you want to spend all your time with. You will not be disappointed! 

What is a boudoir photographer...

Who hasn't felt the nerves and fear of having a session. The Bee and The Key Boudoir studio was the amazing photographer behind these photos! 

Cosplaying at Anime Conventions make me happy!! 

See the next photo! 

I may be a bit of a nerd

But I mean who doesn't love Harry Potter, Anime, Manga, Game of Thrones, and so much more?