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When was the last time you looked in the mirror and said “Damn I am fire.”

Here at rebel, we believe every single woman deserves to fall in love with their bodies.

Jacksonville Florida Boudoir Photographer

Our bodies are constantly changing, growing, evolving, but we often get stuck on this idea of who we use to be. We compare our bodies, our lives, to our past selves or to those around us. This game of comparison leaves us feeling less than, inferior, and like there is something wrong with us. This leads us to be at war with the reflection in the mirror.

Hi there, I am Tiffany J, the owner of Rebel, and my only goal is to help you understand that while your body may be different, different then what it use to be or from someone else, your body is still deserving of love. That just because your body isn’t the way you imagined, does not mean you are any less beautiful or any less worthy. Through boudoir portraits, I teach self love, acceptence, and most importantly, I show you that you are indeed art.




St Augustine Beach Boudoir Photographer

“Tiffany is the best photographer and one of the most awesome people to be around. She makes you feel so comfortable, makes sure you have the best outfits (all from her extremely well stocked client closet), and all the while little by little taking you out of your comfort zone to give you the best shoot! I would definitely recommend her for your photography needs in any aspect!!”


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