frequently asked questions

There is a lot that goes into my experience with you so typically I have a lot of questions asked to me! I have listed below some of the most common worries and my studio policies for them!


I'm not a model, can I still do this?

Rest assured, none of the images in my portfolio or on my website are of models! I work with women of all shapes, sizes, ages, and ethnicity and thats how I like it! These women are mothers, grandmothers, wives, and single ladies, all who just want to be reminded about how strong and fearless they can be! 

So yes, you're the perfect person for a session!

What if I don't have a boudoir body?

First, if you have a body, you are boudoir ready! There is no such thing as the "perfect" body for anything! Why not trust me, and trust in yourself that you are going to rock this session! As my name suggests, be a rebel! I promise you won't regret it! 

I have no clue what to wear! Can you help me?

ABSOLUTELY!! I am actually glad you asked!! So one of the things I am proud to boast about is my extensive lingerie and wardrobe styling knowledge. I am always eagers to make sure my clients are grabbing the perfect pieces! During our consultation I will offer advice and opinions based on your own ideas! From there I also introduce to you the client closet I offer! The client closet offers a range of sizes from 2 - 22 and various styled pieces from casual shirts to saucy teddies! In addition I offer heels and jewelry for you to pick from as well. If what I offer isn't what you envisioned, located in my session prep guide is a list of my favorite stores to shop at!! Feel free to send me links and ideas! I have even been sent photos in the dressing rooms asking for advice and I am happy to help! 

How many outfits do you suggest?

2 - 4 outfits and ideas is the sweet spot I have found! Any more then that and we run out of ideas before running out of outfits. But 1 outfit is definitely no fun. During your consultation we will start planning this out so you have an idea what you want to do for your session! And remember, your birthday suit is always an option! 

Where does a session take place?

This is my favorite questions because its all up to you! Do you want the comfort of my studio where I can hand select the set to match who you are? Do you want to play around in your own home? Don't worry I will perfect your space in home to be perfect for any session! Or do you want to have fun outside!? I know of a few spots that offer varying levels of privacy and uniqueness! 

What if I want my images to remain private?

Privacy is 150% my top priority! I will never post any of your images without your express and written permission! The first time I will ask will be right after your session, if I can post a few sneak peeks in my private group. You can choose no, and instead I will privately show you them! Then after your reveal you will receive an email asking if you would consider signing a model release allowing me to share your images on my website, social media, and more. If this release is not signed, I will not post your images! You also have the option to add stipulations to what I can and cannot post! Your trust in me is more important then being able to share your images! 

Can I bring a friend with me to help calm me down during a session? Can I bring my spouse?

So yes and no! I love friends! BUT I warn against negative friends who will bring you down during your session! Please make sure if you want to bring someone with you, that they are about empowering and confidence building! A negative person is very toxic in this environment that is already very scary and nerve wrecking! 

As for spouses, I do have to say, unless they are participating leave them at home! I often find my clients are a lot more nervous in front of their spouses, and its a lot harder for me to relax my clients when they are worried about what their spouses are thinking! Its best to let this be something you do by yourself, and bring them to the viewing party afterwards! 

How long does the session last

I suggest to my clients to plan for 3 hours from start to finish! Hair and make up is included with every session and typically takes about 45 minutes to an hour and 15 minutes. From there we spend a few moments planning out how the session will go with the outfits you brought or borrowed from the client closet. Then I typically shoot for about 20 minutes per outfit! This almost always ends us right at the 3 hr mark!! 

This may be out of my budget. Do you offer any payment plan options so I can afford to do this?

I want to empower every single woman I meet and to do so with everyones budget, I offer a 0% interest payment plan! This is available to be used on your session fee, as well as your product order! Let me explain a bit more how this works! 

My session fee is already broken up just a bit! To book your session I require 1/3 of the fee upfront! The remaining 2/3 is due by the date of your session! This can put on a payment plan to help spread out the cost! I highly recommend, if you need your session fee spread out, to book your session more then 2 months out! 

For my product orders, you have a lot more flexibility in terms of your payments! You have 6 months to pay off your total product order from the date of your viewing party! I ask a minimum 15% deposit is placed on the total the day of your viewing party, but the remaining total can be split however you want! You can choose how much your payments are, and when they will happen. I take your card information down in my Square Client Book, and then run your card on the date agreed upon, for the amount agreed upon! This way you don't even have to remember to pay an invoice! Then once the total is paid off, your products will be ordered and hand delivered to you! 

Have a question that wasn't answered?! Send me an email below with your questions and I will be able to get back to you within 24 hours! 

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