My top 10 Favorite Lingerie Stores (That is not Victoria Secret's) || Jacksonville Boudoir Studio

Jacksonville Boudoir Photographer shares her favorite Lingerie stores.

Jax boudoir photographer plus size

One of the most commonly asked questions I receive is “Where do I buy lingerie from?” I absolutely love these questions because one of my hobbies is window shopping pretty and lacy pieces! I want to share with you my top 10 favorites (and size-inclusive) lingerie stores!! These are all stores either me or my clients have shopped at before, and can honestly say they are the bee’s knees!! If you have any more stores you would love to add, drop a comment at the end!! I love love love finding new and amazing places to shop at!!

  1. Amazon

No seriously! Amazing has some amazing hidden gems, including the one pictured above!! Here are some of my favorite pieces currently in my studio’s client closet!!

2. Fashion Nova

Probably one of my favorites for bodysuits!! Seriously, this store that you would never think of, has one of the best selection of lacy bodysuits for all sizes!! I cannot stress enough how much I love their quality, their prices, and their amazing assortment!! Here is a few pieces on my wishlist!

3. Playful Promises

While I have not personally purchased from this store, clients and friends have. They have amazing reviews, and beautiful pieces! I love all the vintage vibes I get from this company!! AND their sizing is amazing! They have bras that fit the widest range of boobs I have ever seen!!

4. Yandy

This is where I always send people first simply because of the amount of pieces they have. Its a great place to find anything and everything you can think of! While their pieces are more generic and you can find more unique pieces elsewhere, the price is cheaper, and their selection is HUGE.

5. Torrid

While less size inclusive for my smaller ladies, my plus size pieces from torrid are the best quality out there. Plus they are one of the few companies that do support when up to size 30, which even in more plus size stores is hard to find!! Their pieces are a bit on the pricier side, but well worth it!!

6. Shein

When you want cheap, go Shein. Their selection though boosts some very unique and very pretty pieces and they do cater to all sizes which makes my heart happy! This years client closet update is coming straight from Shein once I decide which pieces I want!!!

7. Adore Me

When you love subscription based companies AND bra’s, panties, and lacy things, you get adore me. While I am not a fan of their subscription base, I have to admit their quality is superb! I have never seen an unhappy client, and if the piece doesn’t fit quite right, they have an amazing customer service!!

8. Savage X Fenty

While more on the pricier side, quality and inclusion are amazing with Rhianna’s Savage X Fenty Line! I haven’t seen any pieces in person, but I do spend many nights drooling over them online!! Definitely worth checking out for some amazing unique designs!!

9. Frederick’s of Hollywood

While I have loved Frederick’s for a while, I am so happy that they have recently upgraded their sizing inclusion! They are now offering curvy lingerie pieces so that every woman can enjoy their stuff!! Great quality and in the middle range of prices, Frederick’s is a great place to check out!!

10. Forever 21

I am including this last on my list simply because they don’t have the biggest selection of lingerie. However, I have found bodysuits in stores before, and they do go up in sizes to 3xl! Some of my favorite long sleeve pieces have come from Forever 21!! Its definitely worth stopping in if you are out browsing the mall!!

I hope you enjoyed our list! If you have any places you would love to add don’t forget to add your comments below!