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Lingerie for your body type

I swear one of the most asked questions I receive is “what should I wear for my body type?” This answer is actually super easy! First though I need to explain some things.

Body types don't really matter.

No two bodies are the same. You could line up a whole lot of ladies and no one will share the same exact body structure. We are all made and shaped differently, so this idea that certain things work for certain body types is just bologna.

Wait? So what should I wear?

This all comes down to you and your personal preferences, not your body type!! Let me ask you a few questions

  1. How modest are you?

  2. What areas would you like to de-emphasize

  3. How far out of your comfort zone do you want to try going?

Are you ready to learn the secrets now??

Jacksonville Florida Boudoir Lingerie

Lingerie is not about seducing men, its about embracing womenhood

Jacksonville Boudoir Studio, REBEL Intimate Boudoir, explains what Lingerie you should choose based on who you are as a woman.

Modesty Level

Are you wanting to flaunt your stuff? Or do you feel more at eased a bit covered up? With nothing to do what your body type, this all comes down to who you are as a person. Covered vs not covered, there is never any judgement in a boudoir studio what you choose to do!!

If you love the idea of flaunting your body consider these lingerie pieces:

  • Bra and Pantry Set

  • White Sheet

  • Crop top

If a bit more covered is your thing:

  • Teddies

  • Tshirts

  • Sweaters

  • Chemises

Jacksonville Florida  Boudoir Lingerie

Have a sensitive area?

The number one most sensitive area I see all the time is a women’s stomach area. I always ask my clients, are you okay seeing your stomach in photos are would you prefer covering it? If the answer is to cover that area here is my recommendations

  • Teddies/ Bodysuits: I seriously could photograph in these things ALL THE TIME!! I love love love them!! They range from full coverage to completely see through, and everyone feels sexy and confident in them!

  • Chemises

  • Slips

  • Tshirts

  • Sweaters

Are you arms what bother you? Look for things with longer sleeves!

  • Robes

  • Long sleeved Bodysuits

  • Cardigans

Is it your legs that you just aren't fond of?! I DO NOT recommend thigh highs, instead go for fishnets and stockings that go all the way up to your waist!!

Jacksonville Florida Boudoir Lingerie

Go outside your comfort zone

Now that I have given my suggestions on what to wear and what not to wear, I also want to tell you to screw all that advice, and try to embrace yourself a little bit! Scared to go naked? Afraid to wear a 2 piece? Feel like lace is little too revealing? Try it, you never know how you will feel about something until you see it photographed!! You may just LOVE it.


These are just some of my tips for what to wear to your boudoir session!! Have more questions? Feel free to check out our Do’s and Don’ts with Lingerie Blog post!! I go through and list out some of the things I have learned to do and not do over the years!!