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Lingerie Do's & Don'ts 


Lingerie Do’s & Don’t

Most of my ladies come to me so confused about 1 thing.

“I seriously have no ideas about lingerie”

And y'all this is totally normal! I mean lets be real how often do we really wear lingerie? It's the most useless yet beautiful thing. You put it on to take it off. However in a boudoir session it takes you from your everyday to your inner goddess. It is essentially dressing up for adults. It's simply gorgeous but seriously super confusing!! While my Jax Boudoir studio offers a full client closet, I still have a lot of clients who love the idea of finding the perfect piece for themselves.

So I made this short Do’s and Don’ts list for you in hope it helps you plan a bit better for your session!! Here we go!


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Do: Pick pieces that speak to you

This session is all about you! Try to think about things you love. Are you a lace gal? Or maybe you prefer a little bit of leather? Do you love to dress up, or do you prefer to dress a bit casual.

Don't: Pick pieces because you believe it will “hide” you

There is a difference between picking pieces that cover up your insecure areas, and covering your shape up. Try to stay away from baggy clothing and bulky pieces, and instead try to find pieces that are form fitting yet still covering.

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Do: Try things on

Y’all I can't tell you how often I have ladies forget to try pieces on! Make sure it fits!!! The worst thing you want is to show up to your session and your outfit is too big or too small!

Don’t: pick things that are ill fitting

Please make sure things fit properly! I have found that it's rare we even know our proper bra sizes! Trust me if things are too small, or they don't fit you right it will show up on camera and will not be flattering to you or your body

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Do: try something out of your comfort zone

If your like me, a boudoir session in general is simply out of your comfort zone. However I made the mistake and only picked things I was super comfortable in. I ended up going back for multiple sessions, each time pushing myself a little bit more into things I kinda always wanted to do, but felt like I just “couldn’t”. Take it from me. Pick at least 1 thing out of your comfort zone.

Don't: judge yourself

Remember that what you see in the mirror is not what will be picked up in the camera. You will be posed, and in amazing lighting. Try to not judge yourself with what you see in the mirror because it is simply not an accurate representation of who you are.


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"Lingerie is the maximum expression of a women's femininity "

Thank you so much for reading over my Do’s and Don’ts list!! I really hope this helps answer some questions about Lingerie and other boudoir options!! If you are ready to schedule your own session with me here in Jacksonville Florida then lets schedule your free consultation! 

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