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How to get everything you ever wanted.

Boudoir is an investment. This is no surprise. However I have made it easy for women of all budgets to have this amazing experience guaranteed to change your view on your body. Here let me explain!

Payment Plans - In House

My goal was to make a simple and easy process for splitting your invoice into smaller payments! During your reveal we go over all your images and pick our your favorites. Most often, my clients end up falling in love and wanting more then their immediate budget.

No worries!

Lets break it up for you!

  1. 10% minimum down payment: In order to secure your invoice in the current price, we do require 10% down on your order!

  2. You have control over the payments: This one is where a lot of clients get confused. You have full control over how many payments, when they are due, and the total of each payment. In my system we are able to split balances indefinitely allowing for total control over the payment plan. We do have time limits for how long the payment plan can go one, which is explained in number 3!

  3. Extend payments out to 6 - 12 months: If your order falls under $1500, we can extend the payments as far out as 6 months, while if your order is more then $1500, we can push it out to 12 months!

  4. Products are ordered as soon as the invoice is paid in full: This one is pretty simple! Once everything is paid, we begin the ordering process! If you have a deadline you’d love to have your products by, just let us know and we can figure out the best way to split your payments!

  5. I offer discounts if you prepay for your products: If you already have a clear understanding of your products, we can get your invoice made before your session, apply our prepayment discount on it, and as long as its paid off by the date of your session, you can receive that amazing discount! Payment plans are still available for pre-purchase invoices!

  6. Don’t know what you want but want to start payments early? We can absolutely take payments, and save them for your final order! Our system easily allows us to apply these extra payments to your account, allowing you to save before your session even happens!

I hope all of this was pretty easy to understand! I try to always make things simple and convenient for everyone! Our in house payment plans aren’t the only options out there! Paypal credit is an amazing credit line that some clients choose to use! It allows you to pay me in full for your products, allowing for production to start immediately, and then you make payments afterwards. It offers 0% interest for the first 6 months! Such a great line to have open!

If you have any more questions email me at and I would be more then happen to chat more!!