5 Fun Facts about our Boudoir Experiences || North East Florida Boudoir Photographer

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5 Facts About Our Boudoir Experiences!

5 Facts About Our Boudoir Experiences! || Jacksonville Boudoir

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Hey Y’all!

Thanks for stopping by! In honor of my Black Friday sale i wanted to give y’all a full little ready bout what an experience with me actually is like! My name is Tiffany and I am the owner and operator of Rebel Intimate Boudoir Studio! For those of y’all who are new to REBEL, our studio is located in Jacksonville, Florida; however, I do often travel to Norfolk, Virginia and Fayetteville, North Carolina! Don't let that fool you though, I will travel ANYWHERE I am booked!

But I am here to talk about my boudoir sessions! Boudoir is seriously my specialty!!  These session can sometime be a little scary but once we are ready to shoot, I promise we have a lot of fun! Please keep reading for some fun facts about a session with me!

  1. You don't actually know how to be sexy! So when it comes to each session, every picture you see is completely directed by me! Every photo you’ve seen as examples are REAL EVERYDAY women! They are military wives, full time working moms, college students, nurses, real estate agents etc! No one is a professional model! They have all stated “but i don't know how to be sexy!” and that is okay because I will move you and direct you into poses and facial expressions to translate well into the camera! There is a reason why you hire me and it is to make sure you look AMAZING in these photos! You don't need to know how to be sexy, you only need to know how to follow directions!

  2. I will make fart noises! No Lie, I really will! My goal is to always create real expressions and emotions! Sometimes being able to laugh is not easy to do while you are almost naked so i am going to help you do it!

  3. Hair and Makeup is INCLUDED with every session! My goal is to give you a full experience! To me that means not having to worry about anything, including your hair and makeup! My hair and makeup teams are amazing and professionals! They are here to pamper you and make you relax and feel a little spoiled before your session! While this isn’t mandatory, it is always included in every session!

  4. Payment Plans are Available! Boudoir sessions are investments, but I want to make it easy for EVERY woman to have a session with me. When you make the decision to really truly embrace yourself, your not going to help falling in love with every single image I take. I offer pretty simply payment options so that you can literally get whatever you want, no matter your immediate budget! We offer 6 & 12 month options depending on the total price, and you tell me how you want to break it up! Seriously. That’s it! (I also offer discounts when you pre-purchase your products)

  5. The Hardest Thing You Will Have To Do is SHOW UP!  At the end of the day, I make this experience so easy and so much fun for you, that the hardest thing you will ever have to do is decide to do the session. This is the hardest step for most women. I mean how often are you getting almost naked in front of a camera?

    Let me remind you of what a full experience includes!
    - Consultation to plan your session
    - Access to our full client closet (Sizes XS to 6XL)
    - Professional Hair and Make-Up
    - Expert posing and facial guidance
    - Skin retouching, and fully edited images for proofing
    - Your one on one Reveal Appointment
    - An amazing assortment of beautiful quality products that will be stunning with your images in them.

Fayetteville Boudoir Photographer

So there you have it! 5 Fun facts about our Boudoir Experiences!

Are you thinking of booking!? Don't miss out on our amazing 2018 Black Friday specials! This 50% off session fee is limited to the first 30 ladies who book with us! Want first access? Make sure you are in our VIP Facebook group!!