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Hi there!!!

My name is Tiffany and I am the photographer behind REBEL. My studio, located in Jacksonville Florida, encourages all women to love and embrace themselves! Here are a few fun facts about me so you can learn a little more about the girl behind the camera!

  1. I love buying those holiday sugar cookies from the grocery store…. and eating them raw! I hear my moms voice every time I do it “You are going to get sick eating raw eggs like that.” BUT Y’ALL I JUST CANT HELP IT! I always buy them with the intention of cooking them, but then the next thing you know I am eating the last one, throwing away the box, and repeat. PS They go great with Moscato wine. I mean its a dessert wine after all.

  2. My natural hair color is actually dirty blonde. I always felt kind of invisible growing up though and as soon as my mom allowed it, I dyed my hair red! I LOVED being a redhead, and for the greater part of my late teenage years and early twenties, I was various shades of red! Then about 4 years ago, I dye it blue, and haven’t gone back sense! I love being bold and colorful with my hair. It allows me to feel like I stand out in a crowd, and erase that invisible feeling I had growing up. I also love being able to truly express myself in such a small way.

  3. I HATE THE BEACH. There I said it. I HATE IT! I hate the sand, I hate the sun, I have the ocean waves. I am such a pool person its not even funny. When clients ask to have a beach session, I know the images will turn out amazing, but I groan a lot a bit on the inside knowing I am going to have to clean sand out of my shoes, my car, my camera bag. Its the worst!!

  4. If I could travel anywhere in the world, I want to go to Greece! I have been to Ireland, Bahrain, London, Canada, and Iceland now, and while I loved all my travels, my number one place I have always wanted to go is Greece!! I have no plans to travel there yet in the future, though I have plans to go back to Ireland. One day though I would love to just be immersed in what I believe is the perfect vacation spot!

  5. I love dressing up as cartoon characters! I am a VERY big Anime, Manga, book, and video game nerd. Like its pretty much most of my hobbies and likes. Dressing up, specifically called Cosplay, is something I thoroughly enjoy when I am able to attend Anime Conventions! Some of my favorite cosplay’s have been Vaporeon, Sakura Haruno, and Dark Magician Girl! I hope to also add Urakaka, and Hestia to my future cosplay list!!

Thanks so much for reading my 5 fun facts about me!

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