"I felt as if I was going to throw up I was so nervous" Ms C's Boudoir Experience

Jacksonville Boudoir Photography

Ms C has asked to keep her face private but I still wanted to share her experience with you. 

This is what she wrote:

I had never thought about doing something like this before. In fact, I just knew my pictures wouldn’t turn out like I wanted them too. I’ve always had a super negative feeling about my body. Never once have I been happy with how I look!

Then came Tiffany!

At first, I asked tons of questions, I was so hesitant. Thinking can I do this? Can she even pull this off with my body? Are my pictures going to look good? Any and every negative thought came to mind! But Tiffany walked me through it all step by step!

Finally, the day arrived...

I felt as if I was going to throw up I was so nervous. I kept thinking I have to get almost naked in front of a camera with this body! Oh god! Well, Tiffany kept the mood light and humorous, she kept me laughing and kept telling me how beautiful

I was and guess what ladies... I started to believe her!

I had an absolute BLAST during my session. If I could afford to do this once a month I totally would! Tiffany was so easy to work with and the hair and makeup team was fantastic. I never felt so pretty before! It was such a great day for me!

Then came reveal day and when she started to show me my pictures, I literally cried! I couldn’t believe that was actually me up there on that screen! I was shocked, I looked beautiful! I couldn’t wait to get my pictures in hand at that point.

I totally did this for myself as a self-confidence boost after having two kids and starting what would become a very nasty divorce! I look at my pictures all the time and just think WOW that’s really me! I’m so pretty! It was a major boost in my self-esteem and I couldn’t be any happier I chose her to capture that for me! I had been following her for a very long time thinking I can’t do that and then she’s had an amazing special. I jumped on it and was like well here we go! Hands down the best decision I ever made when it comes to these pictures! The outcome was simply phenomenal!

I recommend every woman needs to do this once in her life not for anyone but for herself! ! Thanks, Tiffany doing such an amazing job and being so easy to work with! You’re really the best!