Model Call: Couples Boudoir

hampton roads boudoir photography
"I knew right away you were it for me. There was no reservations or second thoughts. I saw you and in an instant knew in my bones, my soul had known your soul lifetimes ago." 
- Beau Taplin // Souls

I am looking for couples. 

I envision a session of raw emotion. Something sexy and beautiful all at the same time. I see two people connecting emotionally in a way only a couple can connect. I see two souls sharing sweet intimate moments. Can you see it? See the sweet exchanges and the sexy touches. The look in his eyes, the smile on her mouth. I see portraits that will shine with love and lust and leave you wanting more. 

Does this sound like what you want? Keep reading!! 

The fine print:

The session fee will be reduced from our normal $300. Instead you will receive 50% off bringing the new total to $150. $100 is due to book your session with me. The session fee covers hair and make up, your consultation to plan your session, option to pull pieces from our client closet, and your viewing session within 2 weeks of the session. Our clients usually purchase $325 - $1850 in products during the viewing session. 

Its very important to know that you are receiving this special with the expressed permission of a model release. This gives me permission to share your images. If you are not comfortable sharing your images, we can keep them private with the agreement of full session pricing. 

I want to create emotion through out these images so the final portrait will look suggestive and risque. However no sexual acts will be performed during this session. Everything will be kept professional, instead I will pose in ways to allow the images to be up to interpretation. 


hampton roads boudoir photography

Are you ready to embrace each other for me?! 

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hampton roads boudoir photography