Jess's Outdoor Boudoir Experience

Jess has been one of my very best friends since our husband were in boot camp together almost 4 years ago. Unlike most military friendships, we have followed each other around to 2 different duty stations, never more then 2 months apart from each other. I'm pretty sure the stars aligned perfectly for us to meet for all the coincidences we have with each other, including but not limited to our shared marriage dates and our exact same home states. Uncanny right?

She has seriously been a sister to me and I hope that I live my life doing the same for her.

Now this isn't Jess's first boudoir session with me. We haven't had one together in about 2 years so its definitely been a while since I had her almost naked in front of my camera, but there is always something fun about photographing someone who knows how you work already. When we came together with the idea of a beach boudoir session, we were both squealing with excitement (no we really squealed, I promise). We started the session off in a secluded park not from our houses. Surrounded by trees and flowers, we kept a robe close just in case.


When asking Jess how this session differed from her previous studio session she responded "Honestly, it wasn't much different than the studio sessions I've had. You successfully made me just as comfortable as if we were alone in a studio". After braving the public park we jumped back into her car and headed to the beach. Living in Hampton Roads is my favorite because I'm always within a 30 minute drive from soft sand and cool water. Going to a secluded beach we found recently we started the real fun! By the end of the session we not only rolled around in the sand but we also got in the water! Jess told me "That was empowering! For once I wasn't self conscious about my body. There was something about the venerable state I was in that just made me proud of who I was." I'm so happy she once again put her trust in me and let me lead her boudoir experience! I cannot wait for our next one!! 

To view her full session watch the video below!