Pizza Boudoir - One hot slice!

One husband's love became a boudoir reality for Mrs H! Lover of all things out of the box, 1 small offer from me to burrow my best friends work uniform, and the idea was formed. 

Mrs H met me at the halfway down party for her husbands ship. Deployment was thankfully coming to an end and she wanted to give her husband the ultimate welcome home present. His love for Domino's pizza was well known to her, even telling her to have a pizza on the pier for him when he get off, "or I will turn right around and get back on that ship." Being someone who enjoys being creative and not doing the normal, a pizza inspired shoot was the perfect way to get a great laugh from her husband as well as the perfect sexy gift for him. Mixing together his two favorite things, Her and Domino's.


College1 12.jpg

Pizza is definitely not the only thing Mrs H did during her shoot. Her entire outfit selection included 1 nerdy shirt for her husband and everything lace you could imagine. I am so happy with the choices she brought! You could tell she had been preparing for this session. We choose a cute hipster panties to match her t-shirt, and a fun thong with lacy bra for her last out. By the way! Check out the studio space! 

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