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Welcome to Rebel Boudoir Studio. Hampton Roads best boudoir experience. Our luxury boudoir studio is located in the West Ghent neighborhood in Norfolk Virginia.


Loving your self is a rebellious act

I am so tired of being told what I am suppose look like, how I am suppose to act, what I'm suppose to wear, and how I'm suppose to love myself. Every time I turn around there is a new perfect unattainable body I'm suppose to achieve. There is a new fad to help me look younger, look prettier, look tanner, watch my weight, as if what I look like now isn't ideal. I am suppose to love my mom bod, but not too much, and not out loud. I constantly see women struggle with self image because they are being told they are not good enough as they are. When I dreamed up the vision for Rebel, I saw the woman who has tried to be someone else because who she was "wasn't perfect". I saw the girls who looked up to their moms only to see them try to conform to this notion of what beautiful is. I see this big tribe of women who struggle everyday to believe in themselves, to fix the years of self doubt, and are told they are not good enough just being themselves. I wanted to create a safe space to help the healing begin. This isn't some overnight cure-all for decades of being torn down, but the first step to self acceptance, and believing in who you are.  I want to be the person to tell you "you are perfectly imperfect and you are beautiful." I want to be the one who breaks the mold society created for us and promoting this amazing idea that self love starts from within. If you are ready to start believing and trusting in your own worth and accepting that your body is beautiful just the way it is, then make the jump. Decide to be a rebel and love yourself.




Want to join the

Rebel Tribe?

My studio isn't the only safe space to be uniquely you. I have created an amazing Facebook Community, perfect for learning to love and accept yourself! In the group we post body positive quotes and articles, group only specials, sneak peeks, and so much more! 


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